The Way I Work

“Music helps me when I’m coding, which is still my priority. When you’re coding, you really have to be in the zone. I’ll listen to a single song, over and over on repeat, like a hundred times.” — Matt Mullenweg, founder of WordPress and Automattic

Funny, I do the same thing. It makes me more productive.


The New Startup Resume

Came across this comment thread on Bijan Sabet‘s blog today:

Tal: I’m hoping to join a tech company as a programmer or user experience designer, a small startup would be ideal.

bijan: do you have a blog or linkedin account. happy to send your contact info to a few of our portfolio companies. where are you located?

If you’re looking for a startup/any job, and don’t have a LinkedIn account — get one! Also recommend starting a blog if haven’t already.


“Validation” is a short film, a fable about the magic of free parking. It’s about much much more than just parking!