15.4 Million Facebook Application Users in January

Published on the Compete.com blog on 22 Feb 2008

Compete.com Stats for apps.facebook.com
  • 15.4 million Facebook users interacted with fb Application pages (@ apps.facebook.com) in January:

  • On average ~51% of Facebook’s user base engages with Application pages:

  • In January, fb Application pages directly contributed 1.5 billion pages (8.4% of total) to Facebook.com’s total page view count. Given the trend, I expect Application pages to gradually form a larger chunk of Facebook.com’s overall page views over time.

    Note: Stats in this post are limited to activity on apps.facebook.com. Most Facebook Applications load pages in iframes from 3rd party (non-facebook) servers. According to sources, users can generate well over >10 page views on 3rd party servers for each one that they see on apps.facebook.com. In January, Compete estimates ~1.5 billion page loads of apps.facebook.com, which translates to roughly 11-12 billion page views across Facebook app iframes.

  • 6-month gains in time spent, sessions, and page views generated on apps.facebook.com:


This data reinforces the fact that Facebook’s Application strategy and ongoing refinements appear to be working. Now the big question — as Facebook’s unique visitor growth plateaus, what will be their next traffic growth engine? They are still 36 million short of MySpace.com’s 67 million U.S. unique visitors.

note: data in this post is U.S. centric, and is limited to activity on apps.facebook.com.

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