YouTube seems to be *thriving* under Google’s watch…


Exactly one year ago I asked:

Will YouTube break the Top 10 within 12 months (~50 million visitors)? I think it is more likely that YouTube will hit that milestone than not. We’ll just have to wait and watch.

YouTube did it, and in record time. Faster than MySpace, Digg and Facebook. In June 2007 (within 8 months of my post) they broke into the top 10 with just over 50 million unique visitors.

Take a look at the chart below:

Now let’s take a look at how some of their other key metrics have performed under Google’s watch:

YouTube Traffic Progress Summary

Nothing but good news here. Today, more people are visiting YouTube, they come back to the site more often, spend more time on the site each time they visit, and view more videos. All in all, Google is doing well with YouTube, and is managing to hold on to a good thing. However, I hope they keep doing more.

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