Brrrr.. shoulder surgery on the 11th.

I am not looking forward to it. Period. I’m trying not to think about the surgery at all, but it is hard not to!

I dislocated my right shoulder (I’m right handed) back in the summer of 2003 in France during summer school. Ever since, it has never been a 100%. I hurt it again playing tennis back in 2005. It was then I knew I needed a more permanent solution to the problem.

I know I am not going to enjoy the surgery (who does?), and the long recovery period (6-8 weeks in a sling) and physical therapy (6 months worth)… but you know what? I’ll make it through all this like a champ as long as I keep reminding myself why I’m getting this done and all the things I’ll be able to do after all this over. Ahhh…Yes!

I have infinite trust in my surgeon, I’m glad my mom is going to be around to take care of me, and a forced 2 week “vacation” ain’t that bad either.

One thought on “Brrrr.. shoulder surgery on the 11th.

  1. Jay are you french, I can see you come and read my blog 🙂 sometimes
    I saw you have been to school in France?

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